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Vinyl sidingVinyl siding has become a popular choice for homeowners when renovating the exterior finish of their home. Vinyl is attractive because it is virtually maintenance free, costs less to install and is available in many different colors and textures. Exterior Renovations uses CertainTeed and Mastic vinyl siding products which are backed by a lifetime warranty. Give us a call today to discuss your home’s  options.

Why Vinyl Siding?



vinyl siding contractorHardie Plank or Fiber Cement siding is a relatively new material that utilizes concrete-fiber technology to create an extremely durable material that can stand up to the most extreme elements. There are numerous appearance choices for Hardie-Plank or Fiber Cement siding which make them an attractive option if you’re going for that custom look. The installation process of Fiber Cement siding differs from that of conventional wood or vinyl siding. It’s very important that the contractor working with this material is experienced and well versed in the installation process. Exterior Renovation’s crew has been installing Fiber Cement siding for homeowners in the greater Maryland area for years. Let our designers come out and show you what can be achieved with new Hardie-Plank siding for your single family home.



Similar to cedar roof shingles, cedar siding adds a custom, natural look that will differentiate your home from the rest. This type of siding requires very little maintenance and does a much better job of withstanding the elements versus standard vinyl siding. Exterior Renovations has experience installing cedar siding in the Montgomery County area. Call or email us today if you’re looking to renovate your home’s siding with a trusted contractor.

Benefits of Wood Siding

Wood surpasses  concrete fiber board and vinyl in the following categories:

  • Energy use
  • Resource use
  • Pollution
  • Environment impact
  • Green Building

Energy Use

Wood products require much less energy to produce than concrete or vinyl. An independent comparison of the energy needed to obtain, manufacture, transport and install building materials for the identical wood frame, steel frame and concrete fiber board houses prove wood’s environmental superiority over alternative materials. The result is more fossil fuels saved with less air and water pollution.

  • Although wood products make up 47% of all raw materials manufactured in the United States, its share of energy consumption during manufacturing is only 4%.
  • Results show that the manufacture of wood materials use 53% less energy than vinyl and 120% less energy than concrete.


Wood product manufacturing produces far fewer greenhouse gases.

Green Building:

As the interest in “Green Building” grows, building rating systems such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) have emerged as one way to rate the environmental impact of construction. These rating systems are founded on the four guiding principles of green building:

  1. Reducing energy use
  2. Reducing resource use
  3. Minimizing pollution
  4. Reducing environmental impact

Peace of Mind

Real Cedar’s unique “grown in the wood” preservative oil means that no chemical treatment is needed. The arsenic and copper compounds used to preserve other wood decking products can pose a serious health threat. In every sense Cedar is one of the safest choices for any yard-scape.


Real Cedar’s durability is legendary. Its natural resistance to moisture and  decay  make it the ideal choice for a surface that is exposed to sun, rain, heat and cold all year round.

Specialty Woods- Global– as with most things today, we have a variety of imported wood from around the world. Two of the more popular are Ipe and Cumaru.

Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) wood, also called Brazilian Walnut is typically found in South America and some parts of Central America. It is one of the densest hardwoods available, three times harder than cedar. Ipe has the same fire rating as concrete and steel, meaning it resists flames much longer than softer woods, and is so dense that it doesn’t float in water. Its dense cell structure serves as a natural deterrent to insects, decay and models. Ipe is highly durable, eco friendly (100% natural wood), fire, weather and pest resistant. Rainscreen system allows for air circulation leading to a longer life.

Cumaru or Brazilian teak as it is widely called is known for its exceptional hardness and durability. This dense wood has a range of colors varying from a tan brown to a reddish brown with some pieces offering a black striping. This exotic hardwood is a great choice for both residential and commercial installations, especially to users who prefer a more brownish look to their application. Cumaru’s appearance makes it a great sustainable alternative for Burmese teak, with the added benefit of being more than three times as hard.

Installing these woods takes additional time, depending on the product, for example ipe, you might have to drill holes. There are also different underlayments for cedar etc., staining, painting options for the type of wood you choose. Call Exterior Renovations today, (301) 956-7303.


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